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1:1 Parent Support program

This is an ongoing 1:1 support program designed for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities or at risk of having a developmental disability. SSSP will support parents in finding and securing resources for their family and children with different abilities, as well as, provide them with access to technology which includes a free laptop and hotspot. 

Support will look different for each parent as we provide an individualized plan to meet the unique needs of each family and child with different abilities. This can look like anything from assisting the family with applying to their local Regional Center to connecting parents to resources that assist in obtaining an IEP or 504 plan for their child. 

Parents who are a part of this program will also be granted priority registration for upcoming SSSP Wellness Workshops (Beading Circle, Paint Night, and Talking Circle).  

Our 1:1 Parent Support Program is provided free of charge through the Department of Developmental Services SAE grant and maintains eligibility requirements.

Eligibility requirements

  • Self identify as Native American/Alaska Native or Indigenous (Indigenous to North, Central, or South America) 

  • Be a parent or primary caregiver of an individual with developmental disabilities or at risk of being diagnosed with a developmental disability. (No age restrictions).

  • Live within one of the following four catchment areas in the Greater LA area:

    • Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center catchment area 

    • Franklin D. Lanterman Regional Center catchment area

    • North Los Angeles County Regional Center catchment area

    • South Central Los Angeles Regional Center catchment area

To look up which catchment area you live in, visit and enter in your zip code. 

Interest Form 
If you are interested in being apart of this program, please fill our interest form here:

If you have any questions, are interested in applying, or would like to refer someone for our 1:1 Parent Support Program please contact our Interim Resource Coordinator,

Dria Yellowhair, at 

One-Page Profile

indigenous centered training for disabilities

Through the SAE DDS grant, we are offering our Indigenous Centered Training for Disabilities to the community. The curriculum for this two-hour training provides parents and caregivers with advocacy tools while offering a safe space where families can reflect and share about their journey.


During this training, caretakers create a one-page profile for their child or relative with different abilities. We provide access to digital tools to help families tailor their child's personality. The profile can be used in various advocacy settings such as school, medical appointments and service appointments to share crucial information about the child as a person. 

We utilize Indigenous-centered language which sees all individuals as valued members of the community with gifts and contributions rather than language that centers on a particular disability. We discuss wellness, community and abilities as a way to honor and center the beliefs, values, language and attitudes that are integral to Native ways of being. 


We also invite representatives from various Native and non-native organizations to participate in a Q&A segment at the end of the training. Guest representatives are invited to share resources and information about their organization with community members. During this time, parents have the opportunity to connect, ask questions and learn how they can access and benefit from these services for themselves and their children.

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