Upcoming TRainings

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Dedicated to decolonizing education and wellness, So’oh-Shinálí Sister Project is happy to offer our Indigenous Centered Training for Disabilities to the community. This training will discuss Wellness, Community, and Abilities from an Indigenous understanding and provide parents/caregivers valuable tools to advocate for children with different abilities. Our goal is to create a safe learning space where Native families can reconnect to traditional ways of being, understand different types of disabilities from an Indigenous lens, and step away from a colonized understanding of disabilities within western medicine.










If you would like to take this workshop for professional reasons and are a member of an organization that works with the community, please fill out the 


Community Organization Registration Form at https://bit.ly/ICTD4Orgs

This is a free single-day training offered at the various dates listed above and is limited to 25 participants per training session. Currently, the training is only open to California residents, with priority given to those residing in the Greater Los Angeles area. 


The curriculum is geared towards Native/Indigenous parents and caregivers, although, we also recognize the need for this kind of training to be assessable for all parents/caregivers impacted by disabilities, especially our BPOC families (Black and People of Color), therefore we are also open to providing this training to any parent/caregiver in need and who can benefit from the information and resources shared.


If your availability changes and you cannot attend the workshop, please contact SSSP Resource Coordinator, Wildflower Robles-Ontiveros, at wildflower@sssisterproject.org or (323) 916-6415 ext. 2