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From tribal organizations, to K-12 and higher education, we know the value and importance of education and ensuring our Indigenous families are supported. 


Parent Support Groups and Resources

Our parent support groups provide a platform for parents and caregivers to express their challenges about their child’s education, learn about resources, and how to overcome obstacles like micro-aggressions and inequity in their child’s school. 

Social Justice Through Inclusion & Cultural Competency

Indigenous Voices and Lens In The Classroom 

We understand that social justice is a process and a goal. Our workshops focused on inclusion and cultural competency are created with purpose to raise social consciousness and empower our community members through specific content areas. Specific workshops include: Identity Development (privilege and oppression), Seeing Culture as an Anchor, Understanding Intersectionality, Using Inclusive Language, and Managing and Responding to Microaggressions in Schools and Cultural Appropriation. Depending on the audience, each inclusion and cultural competency workshop may integrate components of select single-focus topics or include a combination of these offerings. 

Most public school curriculums do not include Indigenous voices in the collection of readings in the classroom. This training guides educators on how to not only include Indigenous voices and perspectives, but how to center the classroom using an Indigenous lens. The facilitator will provide resources, exemplars, and tools on how to foster an inclusive, culturally appropriate, and safe space in the classroom. 


Special Education: Advocacy and Rights

This training provides ways parents and caregivers who care for children with different abilities can gain access to resources focusing on advocacy, parent’s rights, and tools needed to prepare for a child’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). 

Re-indigenizing Higher Education

This training is focused on how our community can promote equity and inclusion of Indigenous students within higher education (option to tailor for K-12 or specific grade) through specific practices, advocacy efforts and resources. The goal of this training is to foster a sense of belonging, promote visibility and engage in advocacy work for our students as we see higher education as an avenue for self-determination and a way to give back to our communities. 

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