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From tribal organizations, to K-12 and higher education, we know the value and importance of education and ensuring our Indigenous families are supported. 


Indigenizing Social Justice in Education

We recognize education is an avenue for self-determination, identity development and a way to give back to our communities. This training promotes equity and inclusion of Indigenous students within education. Content is tailored to support K-12 and higher education settings through integration of specific practices, advocacy efforts and resources. The goal of this training is to foster a sense of belonging, promote visibility and engage in advocacy work for our Native and Indigenous students. 

Indigenous Identities: Combatting Stereotypes and Myths with Strengths and Truths

Too often our community is misrepresented by myths and stereotypes. We want to change this deficit narrative. This training amplifies our strengths and truths to present a contemporary, realistic portrayal of our urban Native and Indigenous community. We highlight the diversity of our tribal nations and communities as well as the nuances associated with various recognition statuses. We utilize the wheel of power and privilege to discuss our intersectional identities and also uplift how our innate interconnectedness leads to collective change.

For descriptions and details about each training please email us at or complete our Training, Workshops and Event Inquiry form linked here

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