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Our team has received generous grant funding to continue creating community-driven resources and culturally-grounded programming for Indigenous community members throughout Los Angeles County. Our work recognizes the interconnected nature of our relations, contributions and collective learning. The four pillars that guide our work include wellness, education, leadership and resources.

We intentionally uplift physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness when delivering community programming and trainings. We recognize that supporting wellness in this way empowers our community members to focus on balance and harmony. This includes offering mental health scholarships, providing wellness care packages, delivering community engagement programs and trainings/consulting services.

We focus on indigenizing education through ancestral traditions, approaches and practices. We center storytelling, connection and relationship building. We promote visibility and contemporary representation of our community through a strengths-based approach. This includes community programs on mental health and chronic disease education, social justice trainings and video campaigns dedicated to uplifting community.

We recognize our communities have the strengths and solutions to best respond to our own unique needs, challenges and opportunities. We center ancestral values, relational wisdom, kinship and wellness through leadership and organizational development trainings, workshops and consulting services for schools, colleges/universities, tribal organizations, allies and community-based organizations.

We provide tangible community-driven, culturally-rooted resources that may be utilized by mental health providers, educators, community-based organizations and allies to inform their approach when working with Native and Indigenous communities. Resources focus on mental health, education, chronic disease prevention, representation and effective engagement.

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