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Our Team

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Patty Miramontes (Latinx/Chicanx) was born on Tongva Land to Mexican immigrant parents, her mother born in Ayotlán, Jalisco, and her father in Ixtlán del Río, Nayarit. Patty received her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a minor in Chicanx/Latinx Studies from Portland State University in Oregon in 2018. During her time in Oregon, she was heavily involved with both the Latinx/Chicanx and Native community, serving in student groups and organizations for several years. This time cultivated a strong sense of community, dedication, passion for social justice, and an eagerness to serve and create tangible change wherever she can. Patty went on to attain her Master of Arts in Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies from

Cal State LA in 2021. Since then, Patty has served in educational capacities including as a substitute teacher within K-12 settings, as a university academic advisor, and as a soccer coach to wonderful high school students. She now is very happy and proud to serve as a member of the So’oh-Shinálí Sister Project team and is consistently looking forward to empowering the community.

Patty Miramontes

Operations Manager

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Makailah Hernandez

Community Engagement Coordinator

Makailah Hernandez is of the Zuni Edgewater Clan, born for the Mexican people, and in this way, she is a Diné woman. She is a dedicated community member, daughter, sister, and auntie that was raised on Wukchumni Yokut land (Visalia, CA) and is now living on Tongva Land. In the 3 years as the UCLA American Indian Youth Conference and Basketball Tournament coordinator, Makailah exhibited skills of fundraising, outreach, project management as well as her passion for serving Native youth. She volunteered with American Indian Recruitment as a youth tutor during her time at UCLA as well. She has also served Native youth as a camp counselor for the Robert Sundance Youth Summer camp for 5 years after being a camper for most of her life. In 2020, she founded the @nativeartists4covidrelief auction account that raised over $3,000 for Navajo and White Mountain Apache families facing the tribulations of COVID-19.


She owes nothing but gratitude to the generations before her that have guided her and provided her and her family community as urban Natives away from their reservation. This year she received her Bachelor’s in Sociology with aspirations to contribute to the wellness of Native peoples and uplift Native youth. She is very excited to be a part of this project and looks forward to making a difference in our community.

Wildflower 2022.jpeg

Wildflower Robles-Ontiveros is Gabrieleño and a descendant of the people of Huchiminga. She was born in Los Angeles and raised in Baldwin Park, CA, unceded Gabrielino-Tongva territory. She has an Associate's Degree in English Literature from Mt. San Antonio Community College and a Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Cal Poly Pomona. At Cal Poly, Wildflower worked at the Native American Student Center, where she served as a Social Justice Leader. She was also nominated to serve on the Associate Vice-President/Dean of Students search committee at Cal Poly Pomona where she had the honor of advocating on behalf of Native students, staff, and faculty. Wildflower is passionate about education and advocating for Native students and their families. She was able to continue this work in her previous role as Resource Coordinator with So'oh-Shinálí Sister Project and is grateful to now serve as the Community Relations Manager at So'oh-Shinálí Sister Project where she may continue to support and uplift the community.

Wildflower Robles - Ontiveros

Community Relations Manager

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