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We offer workshops, trainings, and coaching focused on Indigenous Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Case Management, Wellness, and Creating Space for Community/Organizational Development.


Trainings include Indigenous Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Case Management, and Trauma-Informed Care.

Indigenous Leadership and Emotional Intelligence 

Leadership theories and practices are often rooted in Western perspectives. This training centers Indigenous core values of relationships, respect and reciprocity as central to our understanding and practice of leadership to decolonize, deconstruct and inform how we work with others to be a good relative. 

Case Management

This training focuses on understanding case management and best practices to develop an interdependent and sustainable relationship with clients, including establishing rapport, assessing for immediate and long term needs, and developing a plan that supports the continued progress of clients goals. 

Creating Spaces

This session is focused on training others to create, promote, and facilitate their own culturally inclusive wellness spaces so they may bring their ideas to fruition. This includes support with logistical planning and coordination of workshops and activities using various platforms to make your idea accessible for all. 

Trauma-Informed Care

The workshop will provide a deeper understanding of trauma, trauma informed care, and best practices to provide culturally responsive support. This workshop includes a presentation and group participation through a talking circle to gain a deeper experience of a culturally responsive approach to wellness. 

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