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Community Voices, Visibility and Viable Resources


Our team has worked with Indigenous community members from numerous tribal nations to create tangible tools that contribute to the awareness of our strengths, cultural values and contemporary representation of our community. We also highlight the interconnected nature of our work with our sister organization, Indigenous Circle of Wellness, to complete these projects.

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American Indian/Alaska Native Outreach and Engagement Training Video

This video was developed to highlight myths and stereotypes regarding the AI/AN community, uplift contemporary Indigenous experiences and highlight Indigenous wellness practices to help reduce mental health stigma. This resource is helpful for teachers, wellness providers, and staff within diverse community organizations.

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Indigenous Mental Wellness Toolkit

This toolkit includes four sections on (1) myths and stereotypes regarding the AI/AN community, (2) tools to identify implicit bias and privilege, (3) psychosocial struggles specific to the AI/AN community, and (4) meaningful outreach and engagement interventions and techniques. This resource is developed for educators, therapists, staff of diverse community organizations, and other wellness providers interested in learning more about intentionally supporting Indigenous individuals and communities.

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Needs Assessment Project Summary

This assesment summarizes findings from five focus groups held with Indigenous youth, elders, parents/caregivers, Two-Spirit and Indigequeer community members, and general community. This may be used by educators, wellness providers and those looking to expand community-based services. 

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Decolonizing Data Report

This report summarizes survey evaluation findings based on input from Indigenous elders, community members and staff within Indigenous community-based organizations. This may be used by wellness providers, community engagement specialists and organizational leadership interested in extending services specifically developed for Indigenous elders.

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