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We have created a total of five 2-3 minute videos designed to increase the visibility of Native American community members, reduce mental health stigma and foster belonging within the community. This project was authored by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health AI/AN UnderServed Cultural Community (AI/AN UsCC) and is carried out by our nonprofit team.

Intergenerational Trauma and Intergenerational Resilience

In this video Dr. Carrie Johnson (Wahpeton Dakota) shares the impact of intergenerational trauma that many of our Los Angeles Indigenous community members experience and how we can find strength, healing, and intergenerational resilience through community connections and access to cultural activities.


In this video, we connect with community members, Dria Yellowhair (Diné) and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Robyn Gomez (Mexica-Huichol/Xicana) as they share perspective and understating around being an urban Indigenous LA community member. 

Elders Storytelling

In this video, Virginia, Tongva/Kumeyaay elder, shares the importance of carrying on oral traditions and using storytelling to maintain and pass on a connection to the land to future generations. She also speaks to the importance of language and how our connection to language defines our worldview.

Ability and Neurodiversity 

In this video, we connect with community member, Aramiss Youngblood (Ohlone Mission Indian) as he share what being neurodivergent means to him. 



For this video, we had the honor of connecting with Clementine Bordeaux (Sicangu Oglala Lakota) as she shares what it means to her to be an Indigequeer person. Clementine also discusses ways that we can support our Indigequeer community members, especially youth. 

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