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We offer connection to quality mental wellness services grounded in holistic healing (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical balance) through a culturally inclusive approach.


Wellness Circles

Our Wellness Circles provide an interactive and participant-driven space for individuals to connect, build relationships and foster community. Circle Keepers facilitate each session through shared stories and songs as well as prompting questions and visuals. Each Wellness Circle may be focused on one quadrant of the Medicine Wheel or may be rooted in all quadrants with a specific topic area depending on participant needs. 

Beading Circles

Our Beading Circles are facilitated in partnership with local beading artists. In each Beading Circle participants are engaged in creating their own beaded project. As we move through the creation process we discuss how our learning styles, focus, strengths and challenges may impact our work and mindfulness in everyday actions. Participants learn various stitches and styles; example projects include: looped fringe earrings, rosettes, rose wrap stitching, beaded cap stitching, peyote stitch, hoop earrings/ladder stitch, Indian corn earrings/square stitch, and brick stitch. These events are facilitated for beginners and advanced beaders.

Interactive Art Activities

Interactive Art Activities are facilitated in partnership with Indigenous artists to focus on wellness and community care through creative expression and interactive dialogue. Specific topics and designs may be developed to reflect community needs. 

Support Groups

We provide Support Groups for Indigenous youth, college students, adults, parents, and caregivers to help community members find an outlet to express their challenges, learn about resources and overcome obstacles. 


Indigenous Approach to Mental Wellness 

This training integrates teachings of the Medicine Wheel to encourage participants to understand and practice wellness through a strengths-based approach. Participants will be engaged in discussion on each quadrant of the Medicine Wheel to identify how their actions demonstrate their own mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness to promote balance. 

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