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Moving forward, our organization is committed to expanding culturally-responsive wellness and education services through arts and culture. We will focus on community empowerment and systems change through intentionally-designed resources dedicated to reducing health disparities and uplifting social justice and racial equity. We will continue to implement a larger scale community engagement approach and also expand our commitment to supporting individual direct services such as access to basic needs and mental health/therapy services. We will stay grounded in our cultural values while we listen to community and continue to adapt, anticipate and respond to our most pressing needs. 

Elder Gathering Project

This project will include five gatherings developed for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Elder community members throughout Los Angeles County. The Elder Gatherings aim to reduce mental health barriers for AI/AN elders through discussions of cultural traditions in mental health and healing. This project aims to utilize traditional methods of healing (storytelling, gardening/plant medicines, spirituality, history, songs, and food) with the goal of building connections, reclaiming traditions, and improving overall health outcomes. The goal is to engage 15 elder community members at each event.

MMIWG2-S Awareness Campaign

The AI/AN UsCC’s objective is to create content that will reach and inspire AI/AN community members to promote mental health services, reduce stigma and barriers to mental health services, increase the capacity of the public mental health system in Los Angeles County, and increase engagement in the LACDMH stakeholder process. The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirit (MMIWG2-S) Awareness Campaign includes production and distribution of five videos that will serve as the centerpiece of engagement efforts to raise awareness about the ongoing MMIWG2-S crisis. The five videos will identify resources for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) community members and highlight the negative health impacts violence has on the community overall, with specific focus on how violence against AI/AN community members is a serious public health issue. 

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