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Indigenizing Wellness and Education

So’oh-Shinálí Sister Project

So’oh-Shinálí Sister Project (SSSP) is an Indigenous-women led nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the Native American and Indigenous community of Los Angeles County through intentional, intergenerational and inclusive services. SSSP was created by three Native American women driven to create culturally-rooted, community-driven wellness and education opportunities. 




So'oh-Shináli Sister Project promotes Indigenous education and wellness to empower all Indigenous community members in the urban setting through core values, intergenerational relationship building, and inclusive community-based programming rooted in cultural practices.

SSSP Our Story

We are dedicated to indigenizing education and wellness by staying rooted in indigenous core values, practices, and beliefs passed on to us by the matriarchs in our family, our grandmothers. So’oh translates to grandmother in the Hopi language and Shinálí refers to paternal grandparents in Navajo or Diné while Shinálí asdzą́ą́, refers to one’s paternal grandmother. Each “S” represents the three sisters who brought this project to fruition and their continued commitment and dedication to serving the community that raised them.

Phil Closin
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TWG Team and Facilitatotr
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Phil Hale
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Advancing health equity through cultivating contemporary visibility, fostering sense of belonging and empowering Native American and Indigenous relatives from within our diverse community.

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Make a Difference: Volunteer at SSSP to support Indigenous Communities in Education and Wellness.


Empower Communities: Contribute to SSSP and Indigenize Education and Wellness for a Brighter Future!


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We acknowledge and thank our Tongva, Tataviam, and Chumash relations on whose ancestral lands we reside, gather, and pray. We honor all of the ancestors and their descendants here today and the contributions of all of our relatives, past, present and future.

We invite you to support the Tongva Taraxat Paxaavxa Conservancy and the Tataviam Land Conservancy by contributing a financial donation, supporting a campaign or volunteering. Giving back in ways that are possible for you demonstrates reciprocity and contributes to the restoration of tribally-led efforts.

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